This is Aakon Labs

The newly formed venture arm of Aakon Capital.
Silicon Valley entrepreneurship powered by the European ecosystem.

Driven by an ongoing commitment to grow innovation in Eastern Europe, Aakon Labs invests in entrepreneurs looking to redefine industries. We seek founder-led, tech-enabled companies that have bootstrapped or grown to initial scale with minimal capital. Based in Prague, we are sitting at the helm of untapped opportunities, exposure arbitrage, and technological empowerment. The team at Aakon Labs leverages this unique position to mobilize talent to address the potential in these nascent markets.

We see ourselves as a platform for innovation. From the earliest days through all phases of growth, it's our responsibility to support unique founders with unique insights as they Early partnerships are fundamental to our work. By obtaining high ownership through soil round investing, we can engage with talent within the companies early on with our sleeves rolled up. When our investment machine meets our idea incubating startup lab, we take the seeds of promise and grow them into amazing, enduring companies.


A lab is a place where collective knowledge, experimentation, and iteration turns ideas into realities. Some of which, influence a wider context than the ideator imagined feasible. Aakon Labs specializes in the synthesis of such concepts by leveraging the combined expertise of our community to facilitate the development of our in-lab ventures.

Centralized entrepreneurial resources

At Labs, we see entrepreneurs as the epicenter to an idea. We provide them with the lab which provides them everything else they could otherwise not have the time, money, or skill to achieve. From human capital, to a shared platform of data, analytics and monetization tools, we pass on the benefits of economies of scale to smaller teams that would have otherwise been unable to afford such luxuries. This model allows companies to leverage certain functions like sales and marketing, hiring, legal to scale more quickly with less capital.

Parallel Entrepreneurship

Aakon brings together founders working on different ideas but facing similar problems along their paths. Everyone at Labs has faced the grit and grassroots challenges associated with entrepreneurship. By hearing the experiences and solutions of each other, in addition to Labs' advisory network, our founders gain an advantage by short-circuiting the lessons learned from others.

Investor Insights

At Aakon Labs, many of the founders are first timers. Our investors, however, are old timers, having sat on both sides of the table and can subsequently depart vital knowledge gained from the struggles and successes of siting in both seats.

Strategic Operational Network

We at Aakon Labs are a nice bunch of people, as you can probably tell from the gleaming smiles on our team photos. Therefore we have an expansive and diverse network of friends who are more than willing to help our portfolio companies blossom. When founders run into problems they can't solve, we more than likely have the ideal person to give the ideal advice.

Team Aakon

John Doe

Leos Novotny

Managing Partner

Founded a groundbreaking transportation company and has managed a PE firm. Leos brings in enviable experience and subsequently a vast network. Leos has expanded his transportation empire out of Czech Republic into 6 countries and 60 cities. He might know a thing or two about growing companies to scale.

John Doe

Shaurya Saluja

Managing Partner

Serial Entrepreneur, Shaurya has started more companies than he has fingers on his hands. His concentration on the lean startup ideology has proved to be succesful time and time again and this experience that he brings to the table has been invaluable to our portfolio companies. Shaurya graduated from Stanford University with a Computer Science degree.

John Doe

Aditya Sarkar


Aditya has gained his experience through a diversity of tech companies based in Silicon Valley. From building the core technology for a four person trasnportation startup, to building features for Snapchat, he's seen first hand, what companies need to thrive at each stage of their life cycle. Aditya graduated from Stanford University with a Computer Science degree.

John Doe


Economics @ VSE
John Doe


Designer in Residence
Founder @ Madeo
John Doe


Designer in Residence
Senior Designer @ Madeo
John Doe


Developer in Residence
Founder @ Coding Pandas
John Doe


Developer in Residence
Software @ Logio
John Doe


UX Lead
CS @ Stanford

Advisory Network

John Doe


Investment Advisor
Founder @ Rockaway
Founder @ BezRealitky
Josh Clark


Investment Advisor
Prolific Angel Investor
Founder @ Vungle
Mary Jane


Investment Advisor
VC @ Venrock
VC @ Correlation Ventures
Nix Maxwell


Technology Advisor
Software @ Google
CS @ Stanford

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